6 Reasons Shampoo Bars are better than Bottled Shampoo

While the notion of bar soap isn't groundbreaking, modern shampoo bars incorporate advanced formulations containing moisturizing components tailored to various hair types and requirements. These bars offer a sustainable and effective alternative for wash days, ensuring your hair receive the essential nourishment they require. In the following, we'll delve into the world of shampoo bars and provide guidance on their usage.

What is a shampoo bar?

A shampoo bar is a solid hair cleanser, without the detergents in liquid shampoos. Made with oils, butters, conditioners, and gentle cleansers, it provides rich lather and avoids harsh chemicals that can damage hair, and strip their natural oils. 

What are the benefits of shampoo bars?

There are plenty of shampoo bar benefits and lots of good reasons why you should consider switching to these eco-friendly alternatives.

1. They save water. Even though you’ll still need a decent amount of water to soap up, scrub, and then rinse the shampoo out of your hair, the bar itself isn’t formulated with the same amount of water that gives its liquid counterpart its consistency. From the creation stage, shampoo bars are instantly better for the planet.

2. Less water = more potent ingredients. Being formulated with less water means that there’s a higher concentration of other ingredients in the bar. The cleansers and conditioners can work in their most potent form without being diluted. In the long run, this means that your hair is getting a powerful dose of the important stuff.

3. You’ll cut down on plastic usage. Without the liquid, there’s no need for plastic bottles that you may forget to put in recycling.

4. Stretch the life of your products. The number of uses that you can get from a shampoo bar will be twice as much as from a liquid shampoo. Pro tip: Don’t leave it in a place that can potentially collect water (i.e., a soap dish). Instead, allow it to drain and dry before your next use.

5. Save shower space. You may already have a plethora of natural hair care products lining your shower and cabinets. A shampoo bar means there is one less bottle you’ll need to worry about.

6. They’re travel-friendly. Even though packing for a trip may not be top of mind these days, it’s helpful to know that shampoo bars won’t set off any red-flags with TSA. You also won’t have to worry about it potentially leaking into your luggage. While jet-setting is on pause, you can conveniently pack a shampoo bar in your gym bag for a non-messy post-workout hair cleanse.


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