Your Natural Roots Questions, Answered

Your Natural Roots Questions, Answered

Q. How natural is Natural Roots?

A. With a commitment to scientific innovation and cleaner beauty, Skin Deep strives to provide the most natural formulas without sacrificing the quality of your results. Natural Roots is 100% naturally-derived which means there are absolutely no synthetic ingredients in the formula. 

Q. Can I use Natural Roots if I have suffered allergic reactions to hair color in the past?

A. Unlike other permanent dyes, Natural Roots does not contain ingredients that could cause allergic reactions to certain individuals. However, please perform a skin sensitivity test 48 hours before coloring to see if it is right for you. 

Q. How do I chose the right color, there is no option for color selection?

A. Honestly, this is the best thing about Natural Roots. You do not need to buy different kits for different colors. This one kit will help you achieve the color of your choice (black/brown/auburn). You can achieve the shade of your choice by mixing the 2 ingredients inside the box in the right ratio.  

Q. How do I achieve the right color?

A. Natural Roots is made from the two most powerful plant-base hair dyeing ingredients in the world, that are Lawsonia Inermis (Henna) and Indigofera Tinctoria (Indigo Powder). Mixing these two ingredients in the correct ratio (ratio details given on the instructions leaflet) will help you achieve your desired shade.

Q. Will my hair color look like the picture on the box?

A. Everyone will have their own individual results depending on their starting color, hair condition, and texture. Plant based hair dyes take upto 48 hours to express true colors and undertones.

Q. How long will the color last?

A. Natural Roots hair color lasts depending on your hair’s condition and how you care for it. Typically, you will see normal fading after 4 weeks. However, with regular use, the color will become permanent on the lengths and you will have to touch-up roots only.

Q. Will one box be enough?

A. One kit of Natural Roots typically contains enough product for one complete application i.e. roots+lengths, plus 2 root touch-ups.

Q. Can Natural Roots be used on hair previously colored  with a permanent hair color? 

A. Natural Roots can be applied over most other permanent hair colors except for metallic containing progressive dyes. For best results, wait 2-3 weeks between permanent coloring treatments. In some cases, chemically treated hair will be color resistant, so there might be an adjustment period, and you will get full coverage in 2-3 applications.

Q. Does my hair condition or type affect my hair color timing?

A. Yes! Coarse hair typically needs more time to process than fine hair. Dry or damaged ends can sometimes absorb much darker than the new growth at the top of the hair which means that the ends of the hair typically need less time than the roots of the hair.

Q. Can I save the leftover dye?

A. Once mixed, the plant based dye is activated and will need to be applied immediately before the formula oxidises. Any leftover mixture should be discarded. 

Q. How do I achieve better gray coverage?

A. For stubborn grays, apply product on slightly damp hair. Use extra product on gray areas and keep area moist with cap on during wait time. If your gray is particularly stubborn and resistant to color, follow the 2 step method given inside the box.


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How do we apply the color and for how long it mehndi in a way?

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