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Facial Kit Tools



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Being fully equipped with all your most spa-friendly essentials at home is the best way to ensure you achieve optimum relaxation. Take your home facial experience up a notch by using our customized facial kit tools.
Kit includes:

1. Bag to Basics (Holographic bag 23*17cm) - perfect to carry your facial, skincare and makeup essentials around.

2. Swipey (Bamboo fiber washcloth) - our eco-friendly, chemical-free, hypoallergenic, re-usable washcloth. Helps cleanse after each facial product application and also removes makeup. Made from one of the softest fabrics on the planet! You'll love the way it feels on your skin. Dip in warm water and use Swipey over your face and admire your squeaky clean skin. Say bye to makeup wipes & towels that irritate your skin!

3. Halo (Spa headband) - made with high-quality fleece, very comfortable and cushy. Not only is it the perfect way to accessorize your robe while you enjoy a good facial, but it’s also ideal for keeping your hair protected and out of the way while you apply makeup or even hit the gym for an intense workout. The elastic material and adjustable closures ensure each spa headband is comfortable and suitable for all head sizes.

4. Cleanie (Expandable Facial Cleaning Sponge) - 100% natural sponge for cleansing. Made from cellulose derived from natural plant pulp and fiber. It is absorbent, gentle and effective for deep cleaning of face and neck. 

5. Wand-it (Facial Mask Applicator Brush) - very soft and hygienic, suitable for sensitive skin. The brush helps with easy application of even and thin layers of skincare products.

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